BBC Radio and TV interviews, plus swans, boats and ice cream!

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2015-08-11 11.18.59-1
Outside the BBC ready with my guitar

This week I had the good luck to be invited to travel to London for interviews and performances on both the BBC Focus Africa program and World Service Radio. I got to London the day before so I could be fresh and prepared for the next day, suit and guitar at the ready. We had a bit of a struggle to find a place to stay in London, as being August many friends and family in the area were away and sofas were in short supply. Luckily my good friend and record label magician Kirstie came to the rescue and she organised for us to stay on a boat called “Day in the Life” in East London with a wonderful host called Ian.

This was my first time Sleeping on a boat, and I was pretty nervous about it, but I was assured that it was a very well kept boat indeed and there was no danger, it would be staying safely tied to the jetty that night.

2015-08-10 17.58.13-22015-08-10 19.14.042015-08-10 19.14.562015-08-10 19.16.032015-08-10 18.05.21

In fact the boat was very comfortable indeed, with a nice comfy bed, lovely views over the water and interesting neighbours floating by.
I had a great guitar jam session with Ian that evening on his boat and met some the locals including these beautiful and curious swans.

On our travels Kirstie and I met a very friendly member of the London Underground staff who knew all about West African music and who was a DJ in his spare time. I told him about Ligéey – good publicity! I hope he checks out my music and decides to play some!

2015-08-11 10.42.42
I arrived at the BBC on the Tuesday fresh and relaxed after a great night staying on the boat and changed into my snappy suit.

2015-08-11 11.35.52

Whilst wandering around we found the BBC News Desk which required a picture immediately and a bit of pretending to present the news of course.

2015-08-11 12.00.37
warming up before playing live for BBC interview and performance
2015-08-11 12.01.02
a quick guitar tuning getting ready for BBC Interview and performance

The first interview on BBC Focus on Africa was with Peter Okwoche – I played a couple of tracks from Ligéey and answered Peter’s questions. The producer Chakuchanya Harawa from Malawi is also singer and musician and he had a little go on the guitar before going about his busy day.

Bola Mosuro& Amadou @ BBC Studio interview (1)
with Bola Mosuro at BBC Studio

The second interview that day was on BBC World Service Radio with Bola Mosuro. She is originally from Nigeria and knows a lot about Senegal and the music scene there. Bola requested that I played her favourite songs from my album Ligéey, Sam Fall and Fouta. I told her the stories of the songs and she asked me if I minded that people who didn’t speak Wolof might miss the meanings of the songs. I said don’t mind – if people feel the music in their hearts and get the message to be kind and strong and gentle then I am happy

Then after all the enjoyable work at the BBC it was time for some food at the Bamboo Flute nearby- delicious scallops and rice and dumplings.

followed by ice cream in hyde park mmm! such a busy day made me hungry

2015-08-11 17.15.09
Then we made a trip to Brixton for some Jamaican food at a friend called Jane’s flat. There was an outside pool too but by then I was exhausted and the evening was getting too cold for a swim.

2015-08-11 20.50.05

So finally it was time to go home very late on the coach. Sleeping all the way ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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